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Marijuana, weed, pot, grass, Mary Jane, bud, and ganja are all different names for the same pleasurably potent substance, which is more formally called Cannabis. The name comes from the Cannabis sativa plant. The female Cannabis plant has greenish-gray flowers. The dried flower buds and leaves of the Cannabis plant are used as a recreational drug. It is generally consumed by rolling it up like a cigarette (called a joint) and smoking. One can also inhale it through a water pipe or bong. Some people also use it to make tea or bake it into edible foods like brownies and cookies. These days vaping devices have become commonly available, and the latest trend seems to be the use of vaping devices to consume marijuana or Cannabis.

The active chemical in the plant which produces the feeling of being “high” is called delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or THC for short.

Smoking Weed for the First Time

In general, the high attained by cannabis smoking is considered safer than being intoxicated by drinking alcohol. If you are using Cannabis for the first time, it is good to keep a few things in mind.

  • Make sure you’re in a safe place and with people you trust. Trying it out in some dark and unsafe alley is not the best option. Make sure you are in a relaxing environment. At home or a friend’s place where you can safely participate in the new experience is ideal.
  • Keep your schedule free for a few hours after using Cannabis. It is not the best idea to plan a schedule with errands or other commitments immediately after you smoke pot.
  • Keep hydrated. Weed smokers may feel their mouths becoming dry and cottony. This is because the salivary glands stop producing saliva when you smoke weed. Keep water handy when you’re planning to smoke. Water also helps to avoid potential side effects like headaches and fatigue after smoking.

What does it feel like to be high on Cannabis?

If you’ve never taken a hit of marijuana before, it is natural to be curious about the experience and how it feels. However, there is no one-size-fits-all occurrence here. Different people may have different experiences when they are high on Cannabis. While some people mention feeling relaxed and happy, others talk about euphoria, altered perception of time, hunger, and extreme hilarity. Still, others may express feelings of anxiety, delusions, nausea, or even paranoia.

How long does the high last?

When you consume weed (via smoking or vaping), THC enters the bloodstream through the lungs. THC concentration in the blood is what causes feelings of intoxication. The level of intoxication you feel will depend on the concentration of THC in the blood. Therefore, the intensity of intoxication will vary according to how much is consumed in a short space of time. For novice users, it is a good idea to ease into consumption slowly. Pace yourself and work out how much is a good amount for your body before going all out.

Vaping and smoking weed tend to give different intensities of the high. To smoke weed, the flowers and leaves of the marijuana plant are burned, and the resultant smoke is inhaled. Vaping, on the other hand, involves heating the plant and inhaling the vapor.

It is generally observed that vaping releases a higher concentration of THC as compared to smoking. Vaping, therefore, offers a more potent high than smoking. The effects may last up to 4 hours or more.

The use of Cannabis is not legal in all states in the US. Before use, make sure you are legally in the right.

Just like other recreational drugs, Cannabis can be highly addictive. If you’ve never tried marijuana before, make sure you understand the risks involved and proceed with caution.

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